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How to sign up with CashFX


Quick Start Booklet

Page 6 - Common questions

Page 5 - 2FA suggestions and getting signed up video

Page 3 - Getting Started

Page 4 - Wallet and Exchange suggestions

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Your sponsors sign up link - It's important to have the correct link in order to be connected to your sponsors' team.
This will enable you to get support and have them work with you.
Sponsors link will look like this:
Pick a user name for yourself ahead of time. Choose something easy to remember.

Bitcoin Wallet - Required to pay for your package and store your commissions.
Here you can exchange bitcoin for FIAT currency. For our suggestions, check the next page or Click Here.

See note in questions page 6 

2-factor authentication 2FA - Security for your account. There are videos in the back office 2FA section to guide you through the process. For our suggestions check the next page or Click Here

Email Address - NOT HOTMAIL, Hotmail has become antiquated and emails don't arrive in a timely manner.  This problem may also occur with specialty emails.
CFX suggests using G-mail if possible, it co-ordinates best with the system, however other e-mails do work.

Need a G-Mail?   Click Here

GETTING READY - You will need each of these at some point during the sign-up process.

Getting Started is a Canadian Exchange with many crypto-pairs to choose to exchange. It works well but charges a fee to deposit and withdraw. High security also makes joining a longer process.
Available on desktop and mobile.

Download to Desktop, Mac or Mobile.

Go to, or use this link to get $10 direct to your wallet when you fund $100 the first time!

Shakepay link

or Check with your sponsor, they may have a link!

The easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin.

Buy bitcoin in minutes with Interac e-Transfer®. Cash-out to your bank account instantly.
Limited trading pairs, CAD, BTC and ETH

There are multitudes of great wallets and exchanges, do your due diligence.
This is just a guide, not an endorsement or guarantee.

Blockchain wallet: Can be funded in Europe, U.S. and several other countries from your bank, You can NOT fund from bank currently in Canada, Australia, or NZ. 
You can, however, use it as a wallet to hold your BTC world-wide.

1000's of Cryptocurrencies.  Great if you are dipping deeper into Crypto trading and need a secure wallet.  You can not fund Exodus with Fiat currency.

Bitcoin Wallet suggestions

2-Factor Authentication
Authy is available for Desktop and mobile

Google Authenticator is strictly mobile.  Download from Playstore or Appleplay

Either of these apps are great and are required for CFX to secure your account. You may find there are many other applications that will use 2FA, including some wallets, exchanges and even your email.

Sign Up video - showing sign up, 2FA, and brief overview.
Step by Step Guidance, we suggest you watch it once, then use it while signing up, pausing it as needed.

Getting Started
2FA and Signup

Do I need BitCoin to get started?

Short answer:  Yes
Long answer: If you are in a good and trustworthy relationship with your sponsor, they may be able to fund your package. You will of course have to transfer them the funds.
This will give you time to set up your wallet or exchange in time to push your commissions out from CFX.
This only a suggestion and will be between you and your sponsor.
CFX does not offer information on CryptoCurrencies, or advice on funding.

Will I need to know everything about Cryptocurrency and Forex to make this work?

Answer:  No, absolutely not.  CFX provides the simplest platform to participate in Forex.   BTC is a worldwide solution to funding packages and receiving your commission.  You can, however, choose to become educated on Forex using the academy training made available in your back office. Also, being part of the community, you will learn more about BTC.

Once I start, is there training on how everything works?

Answer:  Yes, there is training offered by CFX via YouTube. The most extensive training is available from the PowerTeam, they have a FB group, ask your sponsor to be added, they also have a great website.  There is an abundance of videos, articles and live presentations attached to this group you are joining, you are in the right place!

Do I have to share or make a team?

Answer:  No.  Your package will grow and you will benefit from just joining.  This is one of the best qualities of CFX.

What if after a while, I show someone who's interested?

Answer:  Contact your sponsor, they will direct you to the presentations and all the correct information.  Never be afraid to share, we are there for you until you are comfortable to go solo.  Welcome to being a Bull!

When do we get paid?

Answer:  There are different payout schedules for different parts of the program.  All of the information can be found in the back-office under - Resources - FAQ.

Questions and Answers